Special Notice

The City of Montevallo does hereby amend our Business License Ordinance to reflect the Alabama state-mandated Delivery Licence Reform Act, Act No. 2017-415 (SB316). 

Notice to Business Owners

Before applying for a Business License; verify business type under the Regulatory Boards/Agencies Requiring Permits/Certificate

For business' requiring state certifications, a current certification must be provided with all applications for a new business license and renewals.

City Code

§9-40: It is unlawful to carry on any exhibition, trade, business, vocation, occupation, or profession in the city without procuring a license from the City Clerk, paying the license tax therefore as provided in §9-41, paying an issuance fee of $12 per license, and furnishing sworn statements as to the amount of capital invested or value of goods or stocks or amounts of sales or receipts where the amount of the license tax depends upon the same. (Effective 31 December 1978, amended June 1994 by Ordinance 94E, and in October 1997, effective January 1, 1998, by Ordinance 97M)
Please note: This §9-40 adopted pursuant of §November 51, 1990(a) of the 1975 Alabama Code.

Business Licenses are renewed annually on January 1 of each calendar year.