1. Hollie Cost-compressed.jpg

    Hollie C. Cost

    Phone: 205-665-2555 dial 5 (Ext 107)

  2. Rusty Nix-compressed.jpg

    Rusty Nix

    City Council, District 1
    Phone: 205-665-2342

  3. Willie.jpg

    Willie Goldsmith

    City Council, District 2
    Phone: 205-665-1396

  4. Tiffany Bunt-compressed.jpg

    Tiffany Bunt

    City Council, District 3

  5. Jason Peterson-compressed.jpg

    Jason Peterson

    City Council, District 4
    Phone: 205-532-2908

  6. Matt Walker-compressed.jpg

    Matt Walker

    City Council, District 5

CoM SI-24

In cities the size of Montevallo, the mayor serves as the head of the executive branch and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the municipality, overseeing municipal employees, making sure that bills are paid on time, executing municipal contracts and, in general, performing many of the same functions as a C.E.O. of a private corporation. The mayor also presides over council meetings and serves as a member of the council. In these cities and towns, the mayor may vote on any issue before the council, introduce measures and participate in debates to the same extent as members of the council.The council is the legislative branch.and can only act as a body at a legally convened meeting.

The council has authority over the finances and property of the municipality. The council establishes policies, passes ordinances, sets tax levels, determines what sorts of services the municipality will offer and has authority over all other legislative aspects of municipal government.

Council meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. Work Sessions begin at 5:30 with meetings convening at 6:00 p.m.


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