Recycling Center

Below is a list of items that are accepted at the Montevallo Recycling Center. The center is open 8am-4pm Monday to Saturday. 

There is absolutely no dumping of furniture, mattresses, electronics, appliances and toys. Violators will be prosecuted. Try donating items to thrift stores, SEA, salvation army, or Facebook marketplace. If all else fails, please take your unwanted items to the Shelby County Landfill. 


The recycling center accepts No. 1 and No. 2 plastic bottles, jugs, and jars separately. Check the bottom of the containers for these recycle symbols. All items should be loose. NO PLASTIC BAGS IN THE STALLS!! 

We do not accept plastic #3-7, plastic bags, and bulky plastic items. Just because something is plastic, does not mean it’s recyclable. It’s better to recycle right with less materials than wrong with more.

Quick Tip: Plastic 1

No. 1 plastics are typically clear and include water and soda bottles, peanut butter and mayo jars, and soap bottles. 

Plastic 2

No. 2 plastics are typically opaque white or colored bottles such as milk jugs, soap and shampoo bottles, cleaning agents (bleach, laundry detergent, scent boosters, etc.)

Plastic Film Challengetrex-recycling-posterpdf_201409231044266673

For the next 6 months, collect and drop off your plastic film at City Hall or Lucky’s Foodland in the designated Trex bins. If we can collect 500 pounds or 40,500 bags, Trex will donate a bench to our city!

Plastic film includes grocery bags, bread bags, newspaper sleeves, cereal bags, and produce bags. All plastic bags must be clean, dry and free of food residue.

Are you up for the challenge? Ready, set, recycle!


The recycling center accepts office paper separate from newspaper, magazines, coupons and junk mail.

Office paper includes white paper, colored paper, file folders, post-it notes, envelopes, and card stock and is collected in a fence off area closer to SPARK.

Shredded paper is not an accepted material. The tiny pieces make it hard for us to move and bail materials. Thank you for your cooperation.

Newspaper, magazines, filers, coupons, and junk mail are recycled in the very first stall.

Shelby Humane also will accept newspaper for their puppy pens.


The recycling center accepts any corrugated brown paper. This includes cardboard, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, and paper bags.

We can no longer accept paperboard because it’s made of a mix of materials and has a clay coating. Paperboard includes cereal boxes, cracker boxes, shoe boxes, egg cartons, etc.

All boxes should be broken down, and free of all Styrofoam.

Aluminum Cans

The recycling center accepts aluminum cans as a donation, we do not pay for cans.

No food cans or tin foil are accepted. Only drink cans.

Please empty your cans out of the bag and discard the bag in the trash cans provided.

Electronic Recycling 

Electronic Recycling is now available at the Montevallo Recycling Center. See the photos below for information on what is and is not accepted. 

items acceptedItems not accepted