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Request for Additional Cart / Trash Bin

  1. Rates & Charges for Collection Services

    Beginning October 1, 2007 payments for services will be due on a monthly basis paid as follows:
    A. $20 per month for Residential Unit; and the owner of each said apartment, house or complex shall be liable for the garbage fee on each dwelling unit in such apartment complex and the owner of each trailer park is responsible for the garbage fee on each mobile home or house trailer in said trailer park. Additional roll-out carts will be provided at a fee of $12 per month per additional cart.

  2. Billing Collection Agency

    A. All bills for service shall be rendered monthly.
    B. Such payment shall be due by the first day of each month and such payment shall be delinquent after 15 days and a late fee of 10% shall be assessed. After 60 days from the due date service shall be suspended.

  3. I, the undersigned, hereby request an additional roll-out cart be supplied at my address as detailed below and the cost for said cart of $12 per month to be added to my water bill.

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