Housing Abatement Board

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Pursuant to Section 11-53A-1, et seq. of the Code of Alabama, 1975, any Class 8 municipality may have this article apply to the municipality by adopting an ordinance creating a municipal housing code abatement board. Each member serving on the municipal governing body shall appoint one member from his or her district to serve on the board for the term of the municipal appointing authority for a four (4) year term, maximum of 2 consecutive terms, to run concurrently with the council’s term of office. The board shall perform the duties delegated by this article. Whenever the board finds that any building, structure, part of a building or structure, party wall, or foundation situated in its jurisdiction is unsafe to the extent that it creates a public nuisance from any cause, it shall give notice to the person or persons, firm, association, or corporation last assessed for state ad valorem taxes by personally serving a copy of the notice to remedy the unsafe or dangerous condition of the building or structure, or to demolish the building or structure, within a reasonable time set out in the notice to the person or legal entity to whom the property was assessed for ad valorem taxes, not more than 60 days following the notice. If the unsafe condition is not remedied within 60 days, the building or structure shall be demolished and removed by the city and the costs shall be assessed against the property. In the event that the personal service is returned "Not Found" after not less than two attempts, the notice may be given by registered or certified mail. The mailing of the notice by registered mail, properly addressed and postage prepaid to the address where the notice for ad valorem taxes for the last tax year was mailed, shall constitute notice as required by this article. Prior to the delivery or mailing, the notice or a copy of the notice shall also be posted at or within three feet of an entrance to the building or structure. If there is no entrance, the notice may be posted at any location upon the building or structure.