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Governor Ivey Issues New Safer at Home Order

  1. To read the updated order in its entirety, click here.  
  2. Extension of current order. The Safer at Home order will be extended through Monday, August 31, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. See paragraph 20.
  3. Masks. The current order’s mask requirement will continue. Beyond that, the new order contains a few tweaks to provide clarity in this area: 
    1. Masks in schools. The current order’s provision concerning masks in schools speaks only to mask use by “employees.” Under the new order, students in “second grade or above” (including colleges and universities) will be required to wear masks in schools “to the greatest extent practicable” when in close contact with people from another household. See paragraph 14.c. (The “young-child” exception to the general mask requirement will be updated accordingly to mirror the second-grade cutoff. See paragraph 2.a(i).) 
    2. Masks at sporting events. The current order requires people attending an athletic activity to wear a mask “at all times” except when a player or official is directly participating. Under the new order, mask use will be required at an athletic activity only when a person is within six feet of a person from another household. See paragraph 11.c. 
  4. Athletic facilities. The current order contains a paragraph entitled “limits on facility access,” which imposes an emergency occupancy rate and which requires closure of certain areas of an athletic facility, such as showers and lockers. See current paragraph 9.b. Under the new order, this paragraph will be deleted. The facility-access paragraph is unnecessary in light of the other sanitation and social-distancing rules that apply in athletic facilities.