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Montevallo Junior City Council

Montevallo Junior City Council (MJCC)
The Montevallo Junior City Council (MJCC) is a group of 8th through 12th graders that promotes youth involvement in Montevallo through community outreach. The MJCC serves as the voice of the youth in Montevallo. MJCC listens to the youth of Montevallo and strives to make their needs and ideas a reality.

How MJCC Meets:
The MJCC meets at 6 pm on the first and third Monday of each month at Montevallo City Hall. The MJCC live streams each meeting on the MJCC Facebook page.

MJCC Members:
The MJCC consists of up to fifteen members. Within the members are officers that are elected each year, previous officers are allowed to rerun for office the next year. Officer position includes Junior Mayor, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The MJCC has several subcommittees that meet throughout the week. Subcommittees are formed throughout the year when there is a specific issue or service project the MJCC wants to focus on.
MJCC members voluntarily join the committee they are interested in, select a chair, and work together to complete the committee's goal. 
Bylaws & Minutes:
The MJCC has established bylaws, a set of rules and regulations, that the MJCC abides by. The MJCC bylaws are revised at least once a year in January. The secretary of the MJCC assembles minutes at every meeting that highlights the key issues that were discussed at each meeting.

MJCC Events:
The MJCC host's events throughout the year that are fun, interactive, and impactful. MJCC events are meant to make a difference and bring people together. Some of MJCC's major events have been drive-in movies at the park, color runs, volunteering at Montevallo Arts Fest and the humane society, birdhouse competitions, holiday shoe drive, and many more.

Point System:
The MJCC has recently implemented the point system. The point system promotes and encourages member involvement and civic engagement in MJCC. The point system allows each member, excluding the junior mayor, to earn points for being active and involved in the community. At the end of the year, the member with the most points is awarded the Most Civically engaged member of the MJCC Award.

The MJCC uses GroupMe as the primary source to stay in contact throughout the year. Each Subcommittee is also allocated its own GroupMe. Information such as meeting discussions, service projects, and event ideas are discussed in the MJCC GroupMe.