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Design Review Committee

Design Review Committee

The City Council created the Historical Architectural Design Review Committee to perform the duties and responsibilities of the Montevallo‚Äôs Historic Preservation Commission in accepting, considering and approving or rejecting applications for certificates of appropriateness for those related to designated historic structures and structures within a designated historic district.  All other areas outside the historic district is under the purview of the Montevallo Design Review Committee  

Both entities are composed of not less than five members who shall have demonstrated training or experience in the fields of history, architecture, architectural history, urban planning, archaeology or law. Members of the MDRC need not be residents of the city. No member of the City Council or the Mayor shall serve as members on either board. Members of the Montevallo Historic Preservation Commission and the Montevallo Design Review Committee shall be nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the City Council. 

Members of the MDRC and HARC shall serve three-year terms and shall be appointed in such manner as to serve overlapping terms. Members of the board may be reappointed.


Courtney Bennett, Chair 10.26.2023
Kevin Hughes  10.26.2022
Justin Lutz  3.8.2024 
Brandelyn Nelson  3.8.2024 
Julie Smitherman 5.9.2025 

Meeting Times

Meetings are on an as needed basis.

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