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Asst. City Clerk & Treasurer

Assistant City Clerk & Treasurer

The Assistant City Clerk & Treasurer is responsible for Office Management, Human Resources, Payroll, Accounting, Finance, Budgeting, Central Purchasing, Record Keeping and Assisting the Chief Election Official for all City Elections. The Assistant City Clerk & Treasurer manages the maintenance of all City records in a safe and secure place; ensures all records are accurate and current and that all confidentiality is not breached' performs searches of municipal records as required, secures proper approval for purging old records; retains City records in an electronic format as necessary with proper security and adequate back up of such records is ensured; approves review of records for public inspection or agency use; and designs appropriate forms and documents for use within the City Office and the City as a whole.


Michelle Kyzer

Phone: (205) 665-2555 x 111