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Starting a Business in Montevallo

  1. Study the local market—can Montevallo support your business idea?
    1. Review the Economic Development page on the City’s website.
    2. Review studies comissioned by Montevallo Main Street, including: 2022 Market Snapshot and User's Guide, and the 2017 Market Study and Market Profile.
    3. Contact 58 INC, Shelby County’s economic development organization.
    4. Contact Montevallo Chamber of Commerce.
    5. Contact Montevallo Main Street, especially if you’d like to start your business downtown.
  2. Create your Business Plan.
    1. See the Small Business Administration’s guidance on writing a business plan.
    2. Contact Alabama Small Business Development Network for assistance.
  3. Choose your Business Structure (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Liability Company, etc.)
    1. Review the IRS’ guidance on starting a small business.
    2. Visit the Alabama Secretary of State website.
  4. Identify Business Location.
    1. Contact Montevallo Chamber of Commerce for assistance in any area.
    2. Contact Montevallo Main Street for assistance in the downtown area.
  5. Zoning Verification and Building Permits.
    1. Schedule meeting with Montevallo City Clerk (205-665-2555, ext. 105) to verify the zoning and permitted land uses of your prospective location and to discuss building permits for any potential renovations. All renovations must meet the current building code. 
    2. If your business location is in the Urban Core or Scenic Corridor Overlay District, your renovations and signage will be subject to review by the appropriate committees. 
  6. Building Inspection.
    1. Schedule building inspection from Shelby County Development Services at least 3 weeks prior to the date you plan to open your business. Your building inspection must be complete and final before you can proceed to the next step. (NOTE: You may also request an initial walkthrough with them at your prospective business site at no additional cost to you, so that you can be informed about the proper procedures to get the facility up to current code before you begin construction.)
  7. Health Department.
    1. Schedule health department inspection, if applicable to your business type, at least 2 weeks in advance of your opening date.
        1. For Shelby County Health Department Environmental Services, click here
  8. Fire Inspection.
    1. Schedule fire inspection from Montevallo Fire Department at least 2 weeks prior to the date you plan to open your business. All building inspections must be complete and final, per Shelby County Development Services, before a fire inspection can be conducted. To request a fire inspection, review the Pre-Inspection Checklist and submit a Request for Fire Inspection Form; or, call 205-665-2555, ext. 702. 
  9. Purchase business license from City Hall.
    1. Please note: Before a business license can be issued, you MUST have a complete and final building inspection and fire inspection, and a health department inspection (if applicable).
        1. Complete the Business License Application online or visit City Hall.
        2. **NOTICE** Ordinance 02262024-287 Amendment to Section 8-18 of the Ordinances of the City of Montevallo passed by Montevallo City Council on February 26, 2024. New business license applications of certain types of businesses shall be subject to approval/denial within Montevallo Downtown Urban Core B2-SD Zoned District. Property owners, real estate agents, and potential business owners please be advised of this city update. We encourage you to follow this link to read Ordinance 02262024-287. Any further questions may be directed to City Clerk Steve Gilbert at 205-665-2555 ext. 105 or
  10. Open for business!
    1. Thank you for choosing Montevallo!
    2. Montevallo Chamber of Commerce hosts ribbon cuttings for their dues-paying members. Contact them for information.